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One second to understand what the international standard definition of D-connector is!

Release time:2019-07-15 13:49:22  Number of visits:316

D-type connectors, as one of the major types of connectors, are currently mainly used in computer communication ports. In addition, D-type connectors have two or more parallel contact lines surrounded by D-shaped metal frames. Type D connector is designed by ITT Cannon in 1952. Type D connector is also divided into male and female connectors. Its pin number can be obtained from 9 to 25 pin contacts. This article mainly introduces the international standard definition of D-connector for you.

The Standard Specification of type D connector is defined by international standard IEC 60807-3/DIN 41652, and four different types of standard connectors are defined according to IEC standard. These connectors differ in shell size and pin number, which are named DA, DB, DC, DD and DE connectors respectively, followed by their pin number.

For example, 15-pin standard A connector is named DA-15, 25-pin standard B connector is named DB-25, 37-pin C standard connector is named DC-37, 50-pin D standard connector is named DD-50 and the recently released 9-pin E standard connector is named DE-9 connector. Many connector manufacturers call the DE-9 connector DB-9 because it replaces the DB-25 connector on the RS232 port of the computer.

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